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Zone A
  1. Leveling: Leveling machine processes coils into flat sheets with various lengths. Our machine made in Japan enables HRC to flatter & straighter so that we supply the best quality cut sheet. It leads ship building, trailer body, telecom tower and construction materials in Myanmar industry, so we keep innovating Leveling technology day by day.
  2. Fabrication: RKYS Fabrication Business has undertaken the various types of production like Industrial Furniture (Shoe Rack, Guard fence, Plat form), Parts for Machine, Steel Mold for Concrete item (U Drain, Box Culvert etc...) according to every customer needs. Skillful Vietnamese supervisors are ensuring our product quality, and inspection is precisely taken place for all products based on JIS Standards.
Zone B
  1. Pipe: RKYS pipe is controlled with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), including size measurement, corner radius, and welding test on every size. By adapting knowledge and following JIS, we are able to keep our pipes high quality. With high skilled engineers and strict tolerance on sizes, RKYS pipe can provide satisfaction on your production.
  2. Leveler: Zone B leveler processes thicker and galvanized steel coil (EG/GI/GL).
    It leads the customers to get exact size of steel plates as wish. Quality control includes length and thickness, and diagonal length. EG/GI/GL cut sheets help manufacturing and construction fields to produce better products.
  3. Slitter: RKYS processes slitting and quality controlling with JIS. It leads to manufacture roofing materials, guardrail and radiator. we supply high quality slitted coils for you.