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High Quality Machines

We only mainly machines to produce/process our materials. Accuracy of the machines are all set by Japanese Engineers. And we have enough human resources to maintain the machines in best conditions. Thus, we are able to produce products that can be qualified in Japan (JIS Standard).

High Skilled Workers

We have multinational organization, consisting Japanese, Vietnamese, and Burmese. Highly trained bilingual engineers including, Line operators, electricians, machinery maintenance engineers who are hired from local and international manufacturers. We train newly joined engineers by inviting chief engineers from Japan and Korea with care. Once the trainer approves the trainee to operate, we add him/her to the production team. Using this method, our operators are highly motivated, and has pride of this factory.

Trader+Manufacturer Business Model

By cooperating with our headquarter, which has been dealing with mills for more than 20 years, we are able to import materials from Japanese mills with speed and accuracy. In addition, we have a strong relationship with logistics and shipment companies around the world thanks to the head quarter. All of above reduce the risk of transportation, increase the speed of supply and cut the costs that could have existed in other firms. Thus, the customers could rely on our product, and we could provide better price of steel items among any other traders or manufacturers in Myanmar.